Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What is Breaking Paradise?

This is a mountain bike blog, sort of. 

I am documenting my journey back into a pastime that sat dormant for too long. Hopefully it will be entertaining and informative. What I write here is intended for my benefit but if my friends, family, and others get something positive from reading this blog then great, if not then that's okay too.

Breaking Paradise is a title I came up with that fits what I'm trying to do here. Paradise refers to  Paradise Valley Conservation Area, a mountain bike ride that I try to do once a week. It is difficult, punishing, and awesome. Breaking refers to the process commonly used to tame and train a wild animal. This journey is about me conquering Paradise Valley (and mountain biking in general) in such a way that it changes who I am at my core. 

In a way Paradise (mountain biking) will be breaking me.

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